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I am the composer of all the music you can find on this website and I also record it by myself. The main goal of my work is to bring you original music with character, which can accompany your project. You will not hear any sample music, no electronic-generated sounds. I strongly believe that two hands from flesh and bones, one good wooden musical instrument and a decent microphone can result in a solid, convincing recording, which will give your project nice, warm and human feeling.

I have been playing guitar for almost 30 years now. As a kid, I attended clasiccal guitar classes. It has laid the foundations for my lifelong passion - so called fingerstyle or fingerpicking guitar playing technique. This demanding and challenging style of playing is one of the key elements that gives the music distinctive character. It helps to utilize the full potential of the acoustic steel string guitar as a solo instrument. It requires a lot of hard work, but I always liked this challenge.

I highly appreciate everyone who supports my work by purchasing a license and using my music in their project. Satisfied customer is very important to me, so if anything occurs in your mind, contact me on music@jcprost.com. I would be also happy for any feedback. Long-standing clients, who send me link to their projects with my music included (YouTube video, etc.), are from time to time rewarded by a free license for a song of their choice.




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